The BuzzHounds Release We’re All Buzzin’


We’re All Buzzin’

by The Buzzhounds

We’re All Buzzin'”, the second single from “Chicago Go Go!” is a fun song about having a good time with the boys. The song is written in the 1st person, and starts with our subject daydreaming of a girl while at work, and thinking of his plans later that night.  The song sites Chicago’s storied “Wicker Park”,  and has a climactic hook as our fella arrives on the scene and joins his friends for an epic Chicagoland bender….. Sooo… “Crack another beer, have a shot ‘cuz I’m here it’s another wild ride tonight…  and role another number like we did when we were younger and hold on tight… you best believe me when I’m sayin’ that “We’re all Buzzin Out Tonight”!