Chi-Town Hawk Talk : Chicago Blackhawks Podcast : Episode 1: House of Cards


Chi-Town Hawk Talk : Chicago BlackHawks Podcast : Episode 1

Jeff the BuzzHound sits down with Kyle Jones

Drafted by the San Jose Sharks in 2008, Kyle was the 2007 Collegiate player of the year, and a National Champion in 2008. He went on to play professional hockey for three years in Colorado, and eventually moved to Scotland and finished playing for the Scottish National Team.

Episode 1 finds our team 25 games in, and nearly in last place, and the house of cards has fallen. The witch hunt has resulted in the firing of an All Star coach, and has everyone pointing the finger.

We look at recent game analysis, and also talk about the investment in a set of young defensive players and wonder when and if these guys can make an impact.

We discuss the possibility of grabbing Artemi Panerin in the off-season, and if Corey Crawford is really the guy moving forward.

Is this the beginning of the end for the Bowman Era?

Where is Joel Quennevillle?

Finally we discuss scenarios in which the Hawks can become successful again, and who is overpaid and overpaid.


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