The BuzzHounds Release Lip Stick Smack


Their first single, “Lip Stick Smack” (available 6/01/18 everywhere) showcases a fun and lively side of the band.  “These days, we want people to dance, and have a great time”, says Jeff Manga, the band’s front man and songwriter.  “Our latest batch of songs has a throw back rockabilly vibe and a swing boogie beat that is easy to receive and very fun.  The new songs are an absolute blast to play live, and this was by far the most fun we have ever had making a record.”  With song titles like “Her Daddy Wants to Kill Me”, “We’re all Buzzin’”,  “Chicago Go Go” , and “Cold Beer and Whiskey” to name a few, the BuzzHounds 5th studio record is a first class ticket to FunVille.

The BuzzHounds plan to release 1 song a month until the end of 2018 so stay tuned for more jams !