The BuzzHounds : It’s Christmas Again, Kill Me Now !


It’s Christmas again, and its gonna be blue, baby its cold outside on the avenue
Dolly wants a brand new pair of shoes, and I need a shot of something man… how bout you?

Let’s put up a tree, and light it WOW it’s Christmas Again! KILL ME NOW!

The kids are home and outta school, n’all the people spending money like a bunch of crazy fools,
On new phones, new hats, new shoes and new drawers, and the 422nd rendition of StarWars !

Legos, Dolls, Cats, and a Purple Cow !
It’s Christmas Again…. Kill Me Now !

…So how much $cash$ can crack my nut, and how much booze can I put in my gut…?
I had to park 2 miles from the shopping mall, just hear a drunk Santa Claus sing “Deck the Halls

…Somebody give me a stiff drink now, cuz it’s Christmas Again…